What to Expect on Sunday

Welcome! We are glad that you chose to visit our church online. At Fellowship Baptist Church, our goal is to know Christ and to make Him known. We would love to help you come to know Jesus Christ, deepen your relationship with Him, and get plugged into a ministry where you can serve Him!

Church Services

On Sunday mornings, we worship God. Our services are traditional, with soul-stirring music, Bible-focused preaching, and fellowship that encourages our hearts.

  1. We sing together. Psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs all have their place in our worship service. We enjoy singing together each Sunday and occasionally plan a singspiration.

  2. We pray. People's needs are important to us. We take the time to pray specifically for the needs of our own church family and others during our weekly services, as well as praise God for His blessings and answers to prayer.

  3. We memorize scripture. Often each quarter our congregation learns a new passage that we commit to memory and apply to our lives. This is an enjoyable time as we get to know the Bible a little better together.

  4. We hear the Word of God. Our pastor takes us weekly on a thrilling journey through the Word of God as he brings messages that directly apply to daily life. You will be both challenged and encouraged by the depth of Biblical teaching that you receive at Fellowship Baptist Church.

  5. We get involved. There is always something going on at Fellowship Baptist Church our weekly bulletin offers information about upcoming events. You will find many ways to get involved.

  6. We fellowship. Before and after our services, you will hear a warm buzz as our church family encourages and fellowships with each other. This is the heart of our ministry: relationship. First with Christ, and then with others.